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company news about Discussion around facial recognition, Thursby launching iPad mini reader

China White Smart Technology certification
China White Smart Technology certification
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Company News
Discussion around facial recognition, Thursby launching iPad mini reader

NTIA To develop privacy code of conduct for facial recognition technology

The National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) will host a series of meetings to discuss a multi-stakeholder process for the commercial use of facial recognition technology. The first of the NTIA meetings is scheduled for Feb. 6.

The Feb. 6 meeting will kick off the series, giving stakeholders a chance to engage in open, transparent, consensus-driven discussion with the goal of developing a code of conduct for facial recognition technology. Subsequent meetings are scheduled for February 25, March 25, April 8, April 29, May 20, June 3 and June 24, 2014.

The objective for the Feb. 6 meeting is to agree upon a factual, stakeholder-driven strategy regarding the technical capabilities and commercial uses of facial recognition technology. Additionally, the first meeting is intended to provide stakeholders with a factual background of facial recognition technology, including how the technology is currently used by businesses, how it might be employed in the near future, and what privacy issues might be raised by the technology.

SecureKey to support Google Android HCE

SecureKey has revealed that its Connect service will support cloud-assisted, device-based user authentication for mobile NFC payments and other proximity transactions made using Google Android’s host-based card emulation (HCE).

A new feature of the recently released Android 4.4, also known as KitKat, HCE enables any Android mobile phone to act as a contactless debit or credit card without requiring a built-in secure element to store and protect the card data.

The strong, multi-factor authentication provided by Connect offers banks and other card issuers the flexibility in card data security with or without a hardware secure element and regardless of where the data is stored—in the cloud, on the mobile device or both. The solution also supports emulation of the full range of common payment card brands.

Thursby to launch iPad Mini CAC/PIV smart card reader in time for Christmas

Thursby Software has announced the immediate availability of its latest PKard Reader designed specifically for the iPad mini. The bundle includes Thursby’s discrete CAC/PIV one-piece case and built-in smart card reader — also known as a sled — for the iPad mini. The bundle also includes the PKard Reader secure browser app, phone, email and technical support.

The browser also coordinates access to Thursby’s secure ecosystem, third-party and organization-specific apps like Microsoft Exchange S/MIME email, document signing, editing, sharing, Instant Messaging and VPN.

The new iPad mini case will retail for $179.99, with iPad and iPhone plug-in reader bundles priced at $149.99. All PKard Readers are available from Thursby’s website, or selected Federal resellers. Apple hardware and smart card IDs are not included with the bundle.

MorphoTrust achieves certification for credential production facilities

MorphoTrust has announced that it has achieved the highest security certification from the North American Security Product Organization (NASPO) for one of its Credential Production sites.

The NASPO Class I Certified facility, which operates in an undisclosed location in the U.S., is one of several NASPO Certified facilities owned and operated by MorphoTrust. The facilities are used to produce U.S. driver licenses and identification cards for state motor vehicle agencies (MVAs).

The driver’s license is the most commonly used proof-of-identity document in the U.S., and many state MVAs have chosen to produce their driver’s licenses and IDs in highly secure factories that also give them the broadest range of security options and features to incorporate into the card. The production process and credential itself are both highly secure.

NASPO is an American National Standards Institute and International Standards Organization accredited security standards developer that provides certifications for all manufacturers and providers of identification documents, labels, cards packaging, materials and technology. Receiving NASPO certification assures that a factory meets Department of Homeland Security guidelines.

Securfid named as latest LEGIC license partner

Bonn, Germany-based Securfid GmbH is now a member of the LEGIC partner network. Securfid is a system integrator that specializes in the security of RFID communication. Its accreditation as an official LEGIC license partner allows Securfid to implement LEGIC technology into individual and secure solutions.

Securfid provides support during system integration, particularly with cashless payment systems or for machine management systems such as fuel pumps, parking meters. As official LEGIC license partner, Securfid supports companies in using LEGIC products, and as a licensee, is able to generate customized encodings that improve security in the RFID environment.

COMPRION automates NFC testing with robotic solution 

In anticipation of an increased number of NFC use cases — particularly in the consumer space — COMPRION has developed an automated NFC Robot that will ease the NFC verification process.

NFC Forum standards incorporate a number of specifications to form a universal NFC ecosystem and enable interoperability. The number of specs becomes especially apparent when testing the RF performance at physical level, where the variety of parameters and antenna positions reaches some 3,500 individual test executions.

Running this vast number of test cases manually is a time-consuming effort. To relieve some of this headache, COMPRION has developed its NFC Robot, an automated solution for RF analogue testing.

The six-axis robot enables for the testing of NFC devices regardless of their size or shape. This also enables the testing of not only mobile devices but also TVs and other consumer electronics. An additional benefit is the possibility to emulate natural movements like the swipe of a hand to and away from the reader.

Cross Match wins patent infringement claim

Cross Match Technologies, a biometric identity management specialist, has confirmed the U.S. International Trade Commission’s decision that South Korea’s Suprema, Inc. and its reseller, Plano, Texas-based Mentalix, have infringed upon patented Cross Match technology.

The original patent in question, U.S. Patent No. 5,900,993 (“the ’993 patent”) is joined by Cross Match’s U.S. Patent No. 7,203,344, “the ’344 patent,” and U.S. Patent No. 7,277,562 “the ’562 patent” which are also valid and enforceable patents to remain unchanged. The Federal Circuit also affirmed the ITC’s finding that the ’993 patent is valid.

The Federal Circuit affirmed the ITC’s determination that integrated biometric capture devices with computer processing functionality, such as Cross Match’s SEEK, practice the ’562 patent.


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